Dull, dull, dull.

My last post for 2008 (how did the year pass so quickly?).
Yes I know, no sappy Christmas post or anything like that...it's just not me. And I was too busy having fun to bother.
Whatever, I thought we should put up at least one semi-recent picture. Here it is, Ozie managed to capture the more pensive side of me without me knowing.
I rather like it.


I am sorry, really I am. Blogging has been the farthest thing from my mind this past month. if you only knew....hahaha all the crazy stuff.
My brother coming here, (man that totally rocked), bad news, good news, more bad news, satisfactions, cake layers, (when's the famous cerry getting here?) school, the rain in spain stays mainly in the plain, (seriously though, it's been to much rain for spain), psyched out ppl into exams, (thank God that's over), and maybe maybe maybe something really cool around the corner, that just might happen, (stop squeezing my arm Ozie).
So yeah, imagine all that.
Believe it or not I don't have a single picture to document all this psychoness, and that sucks.
All I have to say is this: Katarina, will you marry me?


Yeah, I've been a deliquent blogger, (hahaha, I love that name, so retared). But I'm back, and FULL of excuses. Which I won't unleash on you, any of you. But since peeps have been yelling at me to update and yaddyyaddyyadda, here I am. Racking my brian for something interesting, I find nothing. I would post pictures, but I have to get them off the camera, and I'm to lazy now. So I shall leave you with this from last satruday...
Me and Mishu saw some emo hipp-hoppers in Valencia, and I'm like, "Man those emos are so sad!" And Mishu's like, laughing and yelling in my ear..."Hahahahah the emos are so sad! Get it get it?"

Everybody's Fool

SUCH a nice song. I think it's got a LOT of truth to it, and the video really drives the point home.
And of course, it shall always hold a place in my heart after singing it on karaoke with Melllllllllllll!

What not to do....(learned the hard way)

Never, I repeat NEVER read a James Bond book.
The movies are bad enough.

What if Bible characters keept blogs?

Absolutely brilliant piece of work, I couldn't stop laughing....here goes. (no, as much as I would wish it, I didn't write this)

Most prominent Bible characters had pretty crazy lives; a day in the life of, say, one of the twelve disciples, was probably far more exciting than a day in mine - yet I'm the one blogging on my personal journal about what I ate for breakfast or what time I went to bed. Can you imagine Peter's blog if he'd been able to keep one? Maybe it'd go something like this:

Me and my big mouth
Note to self #47: Do not call Jesus out when he predicts his death. Yeah, he did it again...but this time, when I told him to chill out, he looked me straight in the eye and said, "Satan get behind me!" Satan?!?! Uh...geez...my bad.....

If Bible characters used blogs, whose would you read?

(I'd subscribe to Joseph's: "Potiphar's wife keeps staring at my six-pack. Awkwaaard.")

You Traitor!

Mel....I miss you. I do really. In this short time, we became better friends than what I though we would be. (does belones have something to do with it???) But yeah, I'm happy about it. I promised you a sappy post for your going away, and that's exactly what I'm doing...even though it's slightly late. So whatever you do, just be happy. Have a great time at the wedding and get used to Denmark and all the rest of the stuff you have to get used to. Miss me...okay?
With all my yuckiness,
P.S. Amy says hi to Emily.
P.P.S. Eat dinner at deacent times.

This must Be Heaven

Geeeee, so very pretty. Sigh, if only I could have them it would be a dream come true (not actually but you know what I mean). I catch myself sometimes seriously thinking of spending all my savings on these things...as if I didn't have enough notebooks already.
But guys, now you know what present would make me really happy. :D


Me and Mel are offically twins...or so people say.
But tell me...do you see any resemblance??

Emo, ummmmm poetry???

Yep. This is what happens when you stick me and Ozie in a room, all alone, with only a rinky-dinky old computer to pass the time.....
Anyway, let's get on with this.


Tears like spears
Eating at my insides
Tearing out the pages
Of my long forgotten life

Kagaroos in the forest
And zebras in the jungle
Hippos on the moon
The cow ran out of milk

Jump jump and never stop
Fly away and lose your top
Eat coconuts on an island
Sink with the atomic bomb

Handprints dripping paint
That tainted your presence
What was supposed to be a saint
Instead brought a wrong essence

I know, you don't have to tell us. It's just beautiful.
We are so winning the noble prize for literature with this Oz.

Yessss YES

MY SISTER DID IT!!!! She graduated today from medical school, with honors!
I'm so proud of you big sis.


This Sucks, I Suck, You Suck, We All Suck....Long Live Stupid People. Screw This.

We made it alive

Indeed. What's left of our family headed off back to italy for a touching (cough cough) family reunion today (all, minus a prodigal sister off in some strange continent learning spanish with a mexican accent). Presently I'm sitting at the dinner table of one of our lovely/noisy family dinners invloving consins, grandparents, uncles and aunts and i'm trying to work off the feeling of being stuffed by way too many pizzas while listening to the rest of us shouting, fighting and laughing. What really made me laugh is my three-year-old cousin managing to get my sis Vale to bite her own finger because he got her to thing it was his while they were play fighting......sigh, it's good to be home.

Promised Pictures

Okay so here they are, just like I said. They're just a few pictures taken on different occasions so you can all see what I've been up to lately.
Btw, we fiddled around with most of them and on one I really did have a LOT of fun.


Yes I know, I haven't updated in a while. Bad llama...anyway, I shall update pictures very soon. So keep in touch.


We went to this totally awesome park the other day. Basically it was a model of Gulliver when he falls asleep and the little people tie him up. I couldn't get over it and kept on repeating "We're the little people!" Till my sisters were like "Ezy shut up!" heheheh


Okay, this is me, I don't remember how old I was, and actually, I don't care to. It is funny nonetheless, and a good way to post about something, since I am out of ideas and nothing new is happening. Except that today was the first day of school. Bummer. And also, forget about the party pictures...I don't have them.

Don't read it you value your sanity

Ho ho, it's my free night people....let's try to make it fun, huh?? Ummmm, maybe not. Cuz it's just me, myself and I. Dude....maybe it could be enjoyable. It's good to be alone once in awhile. Yep yep. But the truth is that I'm just babbling on and on over here.....what to do. I'm dead tired but I don't want to waste my evening, so bare with me. I think I shall go find a movie to watch now. Or whatever. Happy Birthday if it's your birthday.

Wait for it....

Okay the party was actually pretty cool.
I will post pictures as soon as I can. I have to get them off Tete tonight brfore she leaves.
Till then, don't hold your breath.

Vain Babbalings

Today is Amelia's birthday, she's officially not a baby anymore. My daddy and Mel and Ozie are coming back from Los Belones today, (about bloody time, the poor people) and Mishu is gonna try and terrify them by wearing a pink polka dotted skirt and some yellow top. I think it just might work. Tomorrow is the long awaited party, and there will be a grand total of 26 people, out of which only 3 are guys. I'm telling you, spain needs new blood. I'm supposed to go make the schedule now but I really don't want to. So it makes me very happy that Mel is coming home, so she can take it over again. Yayyyy. So I guess that's it. Rmember to be happy everyone, even though you miss me so very much.
Okay, bye bye.

Oh no, wait, one more thing. Watch this, it gave me a good laugh.


I'm sorry. He's just to beautiful not to post about. I miss him.

Has it ever occured to you...

....why in movies it shows all the cool people crack their knuckles before they beat each other up???

Is that supposed to be scary?

Really, it just means they have a bad habit.

Sniff Sinff

The Olympics came to a close today, how sad. Whatever will we do at 1 o'clock in the morning now? The crazy Spanish sports commentators and the laughs they gave us will be missed(Example, and say it all Very fast: GOAL GOAL GOAL GOAL GOAL GOAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL VIVA ESPANA!!!!!!!!! please forgive the lack of the wavey thing over the "n", this is not a spanish keyboard.)
I picked up a lot of spanish over these 20some days thanks to the olympics.
So we shall have to wait till London 2012 for the next games, and who says I'll be in spain by then?? Oh and by the way, I am sooooo very scandalized about the closing ceremony. Meaning Jimmy Page preforming with Leona Lewis. I mean, dude, you were part of LED ZEPPILIN for crying out loud. How did you end up singing with her?


Yayyyyy it's over!
Meaning the three days of working at Aqua, i.e. the shopping center that hires us each week for ballooning. But this time,in occasion of the Formula 1 Grand Prix here in Valencia, which by the way is a BIG thing, the owner deiced to hire us to do publicity for the mall. Fun fun.
He said he was gonna hire models for the job but then went with us....cus we're so pretty. Am I supposed to feel good about that??? Nope.
So yeah, pretty much what we had to do was walk around Valencia for six hours straight handing out flyers. Thankfully no camera was available so we all can be spared footage of me attacking people with little papers.

Space Balls

I love this movie. I swear it's absolutely hilarious. Pure genius. You really should watch it if you haven't yet, cus you have no idea of what you're missing.
This is one of my favorite parts from it.


Happy Birthday Mishu!!!!! Have fun being a "random age" as you would put it.
P.S. We better have a kick-ass party on the 29th.

And a special, heartfelt, Happy Birthday to a very good friend. Claire. I love you to bits and truly hope you will have a wonderful year. You are an awesome person.

Bunch of beans

Today me and Mishu bonded considerably for freeday. It's the first time just me and her go out together, as I already have with Ozie and Mel (don't even get me started on the amount of bonding me and Mel went through in Los Belones). Being with Mishu gives me a considerable asset. Aka the camera.

I'm still alive....

Gosh you have no idea of what happened today. If I thought the journey to Los Belones was bad.....I take it all back. Gee I thought I was gonna die.
But let's start from the beginning. I took the bus from Cartagena to Valencia at 4:15 pm this afternoon. I reached my destination four hours later, very overjoyed to be back home...well, almost home.
I wait 20 minutes, nobody shows up. Well, nothing to worry about. You can't expect someone to be there so soon right? I wait another 20 minutes, still nobody. The minutes become hours.
Three and a half, to be precise. I try calling home repeatedly, but the number I was given is wrong, there's only some yucky rude lady on the other end who hangs up on me unceremoniously and shatters hopes to bits in the process. The meager amount of five euro my dad handed me on a last minute impulse--seeing I had nothing, and I mean NOTHING on me(wasn't my fault, nobody gave me anything)--are quickly spent on the evil pay phone that gives no change.
Finally my mom shows up. Man am I glad when she does!
Apprently, people had forgotten to comunicate my voyage to each other. Not so nice.
But I'm still alive....right?
Although during that seemingly never-ending wait I did sceam out in my brain more than once: "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!"

For Luca

This is espcially for you Luca.

Can you believe it???? Someone actually did this before us. Gosh.

I hope you feel guilty now.

You and your reluctance.

Free Night

I'll find that green fairy one day...
Finally we got a free night. And you can't imagine how good that sounds after having been on kids for over ten days. Los Belones took on a whole different aspect to us as we strolled around it at 12 in the night after having beer and Absnthe. I'm still on the quest for the green fairy (don't worry though, I'm exaggerating over here, it was hardly anything). We meet some geeky Spanish youngsters who thought we were so cool because we were foreigners and dicied to follow us wherever we went. Eventually we managed to escape them. Yep. It was grand.

Dream Come True...Well, Sorta

I sang at the karaoke bar the other night. It's something I've been wanting to do for years. One of those love-it-but-hate-it things. Of course, when you're stuck in a town so tiny you can see the end of it on both sides, you welcome any distraction. Adam works in a bar right next door doing karaoke on fridays and saturdays, so Mel and I begged to sing.
Of course, I've never sung in front of people before, never mind a bunch of strangers. So it was pretty funny. I made Mel sing with me so I wouldn't die. Then we begged to be put on again, this time seperately.... it was fun.
So yeah, that's been pretty much the highlight of the week. You really should see this town. "Los Belones." Makes you want to cry.
I went to the beach yesterday. Second time in the whole year. I don't like beaches.

Banana Leaf Wood

It came to me during lunch. The brilliant idea that will make me rich.
It all started when my daddy decides to make me try and figure out from what wood our little fish-shaped hot pad is made. Of course, being me, I said "Banana wood!" And of course it turns out to be bamboo wood.
But no matter.
What really does matter is that our little fishy all of a sudden became my shinning beacon of inspiration as it aided me in cooking up my genius plan. So everyone prepare for.....(drumroll)....
It actually makes sense, you know. If people can take wood shavings and press them back together to make "wood" and then sell them to you as kitchens, why can't I do that with banana leafs? I'll take the yellow ones-so they look more like wood and I don't damage the tree-press them, shape them, and there you have it! Plus, I'm accomplishing a great environmental endeavor over here. Can't you just see the newspaper headlines?
See, I told you so. You wish now you had thought of this first.
So am I cool or am I not cool.

It Starts...

So yeah...I did it. I'm part of the freaky bloggers society. It was my golden birthday gift to me, from me. Oh I'm so happy...(Llama Face...)

Of course, my birthday was on the 17th, but that doesn't matter. If you'd been drafted to Los Belones too, you would have been to traumatized to create a blog on your birthday either!

So I think we should move on to happier things now...like thoughts on my new year.


I'm now 17...RUBBISH! I'm one year from 18...DOUBLE RUBBISH!! I'm gonna go to jail.....cus I'm 17...AND I CAN DIE IF I WANT TO!!!

I mean, the party was fine, we went out and acted like retards(haha, like that's news). There were some dancers up on stage doing a jig, and they had some serious constipation issues. No offense. I'm sure they put lots of work into creating something I could do right along with them. (Ozie loved the ballet)

And then they had some sort of open air disco. With lousy spanish techno...we tried to get them to put on Sean Paul at least, but they didn't have it.

Did they even know who he is?

The Invitations to the Party were rather exclusive...or maybe there were just not that many people.