A Reccomendation

Just a really quick post to tell you.....read Les Miserables! It's beautiful. First of all because it was written by a master of his trade, who knew how to use grammar and style. Secondly, because it's just such a great story.

Jorgen van Rijen

Definitely my favourite trombonist (okay fine, after Christian Lindberg, but he's so awesome it's like, obvious or something). Having brother as a trombonist, I know more than most people about this instrument, and especially how it sounds when he practices! It's always made me a bit sad how most people ignore this fantastic instrument (other classical musicians included), and I thought I should publicize it, in my own small way.
So anyway. Jorgen van Rijen. I'm telling you this guy is just wow! On every level.

Just passing by...

Okay, I'm not even gonna try to excuse myself. Really. And I'm not even going to be writing something substantial for this post. So if you're here looking for pictures, significant news, or the meaning of life, try a different blog. I'm just here to say I'm alive...and planning on posting more soon(promise). All I plan for tonight is to stay awake until morning.