styled by A.TRAN: DIMPHY


last week i styled a test photo shoot with Richard Guaty for New York Model Management & had the best time! the majority of the clothes were pulled from my personal archives (time to ship more of my wardrobe from home!), and from stores around soho.

here are the final photos that are used on the agency's website for model, Dimphy, along with some behind-the-scenes shots i took, and finally a short clip Richard recorded at the end of the shoot.

love it! can't wait for our next project.
corset, bra, & sweater: h&m

alexander wang bra, alexander wang booties, sequin shorts, lace cover, & accessories: stylist's own
3.1 phillip lim leather shorts & vintage fur jacket: stylist's own
[behind the scenes]

photographer: richard guaty
hair/makeup: dominique farina
stylist: anna tran

Delineator Magazine - 1888 Ladies Costume and Toilette

Looking at these I was thinking about storage. These are dresses and hats are huge and must have had to hung in some sort of closet. And go into suitcases. And all those trims! How did this work? Wouldn't things get crushed? And did you just have an army of laundresses?

This is Butterick 2387, also shown below.

This "Ladies Toilette" - a Basque and a Walking Skirt. Don't miss her bird hat!

RAG & BONE: genius guerilla advertising

so the boys of rag & bone came up with this completely out of the box innovative idea. how do you get the most brand recognition, have most of new york city do the work for you, for the least amount of money?

first, you hire four supermodels to take pictures of themselves in their own rag & bone collection: sasha, lily, abbey, and edita.
then you start a contest, with the winner being able to attend the rag & bone fall 2011 fashion show in new york: print out said photos taken by the supermodels, plaster it all over the city, take pictures of yourself doing so, and submit to rag & bone.

then you wait.

i mentioned this to my roommate steven, and you know what he said to me after i explained?

"omg. look what i grabbed while walking past FIT?"
he actually saw one of these printed photos and tore off the bottom piece because he thought it was kinda cool.

see? brilliant. he had no idea what it was for, yet it was intriguing enough for him to physically go up to it and think how cool it was.

guerilla advertising. just brilliant.

i need to think more outside of the box.

to submit your entry & for more info, click here.

i suppose ..

i had an inspiring second week in new york.
looking forward to the next two.

[lamixx maxi skirt, ralph lauren button up, vintage belt, dolce vita jagger booties]

photography by d. gonzales

Delineator Magazine - 1888 "Ladies Top Garments"

This group is coats, cloaks, wraps. They must have been made of heavy fabrics and weighed a ton. Suggested fabrics are wools and velvets. And the trims were ribbons and silks. I can't imagine they were very practical in rain or snow.

These are labeled 434, 435, 436, 437.
The "Ladies Wrap" shown in 434, Butterick 2379 is below.

The "Ladies Walking Skirt" with 434 is Butterick 2349.

Number 434 is "Ladies Irish Peasant Cloak" Butterick pattern 2362.

In 436 we see a "Ladies Cloak" with subtle differences, Butterick 2365.

For 437 it's Butterick 2386, a "Ladies Wrap" with otter fur trim.


Red Carpet Fashion Awards--Jessica Alba In Gucci

Fab Sugar--50 Unforgettable Looks From "The Globes"

People Style Watch--Helena Bonham Carter

Fab Sugar--Keira Knightley For Vouge Italia

Chiff--The Razzie Award Nominees

Delineator Magazine - 1888 Ladies Evening Costumes

These are all from the same pattern and "for a lady of medium size, it will require seventeen yards and a-forth of material twenty-two inches wide, or eight yards and three-fourths forty-four inches wide." Wow.

picture perfection

mrs. beckham looking super posh sitting front row in her louboutin maggie pumps, hermes 30cm crocodile birkin..while her gorgeous husband (i love the scruffy look!) and two equally gorgeous boys in the grasps of her tiny well-manicured fingers.


Delineator Magazine - 1888 Ladies Costume, Basque, Walking Skirt

I really encourage you to click on each picture twice, because I don't want you to miss any details. Then look for the differences in the two versions. It's amazing how different fabrics and trims change these.

The first two pictures (labeled 428 and 429) are front and back of the same Ladies Costume, Butterick 2360, also shown in two views below.

The third outfit (labeled 430) shows a Basque that is Butterick 2364, and a Ladies Walking Skirt which is Butterick 2363.

Delineator Magazine - 1888 Fashion and Tombstone Cleaner!

This is a wonderful issue of the Delineator from November 1888, published by Butterick Publishing Company. We're going to see some amazing fashions, but first let's look at my favorite ad. Sapolio cures your ignorance and lessens how many maids you need to clean your house. But the first usage listed is "To clean tombstones". Good to know.

happy birthday cristóbal balenciaga

as you know..we love you.


if you can tell who a woman is by the contents of her purse, imagine how much you'll know by peering into her closet. THECOVETED.COM, a website founded by designer Erin Kleinberg and Kate Lanphear's former personal assistant, Stephanie Mark, was launched today and has been comparable to a hypothetical lovechild of The Selby & The Sartorialist.

This genius website (duh, why didn't WE think of this first? oh yeah...we're not friends with the most powerful people in the fashion world..I forgot) is a place where people like us can go on days when we feel a little down and out. Funny how simple photos of (male and female) magazine editors, stylists, and designers' personal closets can bring so much joy and jealousy.

The first round of wardrobes we're able to covet are of Joanna Hillman, Senior Fashion Market Editor at Harper's Bazaar, and John Gerhardt, Creative Director of Holt Renfrew, and Keith Pollock, Editorial Director at Elle, just to name a few.

Here's just a taste of the closet confections from thecoveted. Look and lust...

one day, my closet will look like these.

better yet...

one day, my closet will look like these AND it will be featured on this website, because, you know, I'll be really important in the fashion world too.


via refinery29