Film Noir Sweater Girls - 1946

Talk about drama! These 1946 sweaters are all modeled by serious gals with shadows and dim lighting...very stylish, but a bit hard to see what you were suppose to knit. But I suspect they were all starlets trying out for film noir roles as gun molls.

We're just little people - 1944

This brings home just how good we have it now...and let's remember who we have to Thank.
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"A United Staes War message prepared by the War Advertising Council; approved by the Office of War Information; and contributed by the Magazine Publishers of America"

The Big Top In Crochet - 1952- The Greatest Show On Earth!

Inspired by Cecil B. De Mille's Paramount Production - The Greatest Show On Earth, with Dorothy Lamour and Betty Hutton.
And some pretty cute things to crochet!

And don't forget the stars!

Buy a Sewing Machine of the Present, and not one of the Past - Get A Singer - 1898

"Singer machines are so simple that a child can understand them; they are so strong that a bungler can hardly get them out of order"

As you read this substitute the words 'sewing machine' with 'computer' and consider what a technical miracle these were. Plus they "they never get the "fits" which try a woman's patience", who can say that about their computer?

Sewing Machines of the present are very different from those of the past. Very few users of sewing-machines to-day know the technical differences; patents have expired on generic features, but " the world moves," and radical improvements have been made in sewing machines, so that the one of today shows a tremendous improvement on its predecessor. Women who have used both kinds quickly realize the difference between a cheaply made imitation of some ancient type and the modern light-running machine which is easily adjusted, does all kinds of work, and is always ready to go. The Silent Singer of to-day is the latest result of constant improvement in mechanical excellence. For practical use it compares with the old-time sewing-machines sold at Department stores much as a modern railway train surpasses a stage-coach of the last century.
Singer machines are so simple that a child can understand them; they are so strong that a bungler can hardly get them out of order. Every part is made with such scrupulous care, from the best materials fitted in its place with the utmost exactness, and tested and re-tested so many times before leaving the factory, that they never get the "fits" which try a woman's patience, destroy the fruits of her labor, and consume her time in vexing attempts to coax the machine to a proper performance of duty. Singer machines are sold directly from maker to user; they are guaranteed by the maker, always ready to furnish parts and supplies in any part of the world, and not by a middleman totally unable to render this service.

Tailor-Made Suits - $5 "When you wish the latest styles write to us"

These models don't look very happy. In fact they look like elongated Barbie dolls. And their necks hurt from holding up those hats. I don't think fashion was very forgiving in 1898.


peony season!
bryant park

i spent one late afternoon soaking up the sun at Bryant Park, and later in the evening took a walk around Central Park in the UWS with my roomie/photographer David. it was so beautiful out so we had to take advantage and snap some photos! naturally.  

have i ever mentioned i love new york?

3.1 phillip lim summer '11 top & shorts
ecote (chloe inspired) sandals - urban outfitteres
sunnies from 80's

The New Idea Pattern Company - "Guaranteed as Perfect in Fit as any Dollar Pattern"

The New Idea Pattern Company existed from 1894-1920 and then merged with Butterick. (from Commercial Pattern Archive).

I have never come across a New Idea pattern...have any of you seen one?

the fruits of my labor

my mouth is salivating from the succulence of spring's fruity ensembles!

so juicy.

fruit bugs! close enough.

le Pain Quotidien: a double entendre

judging from the irrationally inconsistent weather – warm, humid, breezy, and rainy – spring has definitely arrived and is here to stay. spring in the city is absolutely gorgeous. central park is greener than ever, every restaurant now has outdoor seating, and my favorite part: girls are opting for dresses. including me.

but before i get to the outfit of the hour, let's discuss the title of this post.

1. Le Pain Quotidien (translation: THE DAILY BREAD) – a boulangerie chain scattered throughout the city where you can find fresh-baked bread, french pasties, soups and such. when in doubt, carbs will always do the trick.

2. Le Pain Quotidien (fashion translation: THE DAILY WARDROBE NECESSITY) – simple, timeless pieces that can be worn wherever, whenever. i.e. a white, long cotton linen dress. when in doubt, keep it fresh n white.

all together now: i took a walk in my 'hood in the upper west side and had a sudden craving for some good ol' bread with some extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar to dip. a visit to Le Pain and a local grocer got me exactly what i wanted. it's the littlest things that make me soo happy.

dress: zara
necklace: from my roommate Eric's collection
wing ring: f21
triple spike ring: noir
arty ovale ring: ysl
boots: dolce vita for urban outfitters
bread: le pain quotidien

and now for some more inspiration.

a recent purchase from opening ceremony!

have a beautiful weekend!

inspiration photos via ilovewildfox