Most Beautiful Places to Watch the Sunset

10 of the most beautiful places to watch the sunset - The highlight of many a traveller’s trip is watching the sunset. Yes it happens every day and yes it might be a cliche but most will agree that there are some truly special places to watch this natural event.

1. Puglia, Italy

Puglia, Italy

Puglia (or Apulia in Italian) is in the “heel” of the “boot” of Italy and is sometimes known as the new Tuscany. It spans two sea coasts, the Adriatic and the Ionic Sea giving it an endless coastline. Along the Puglia coastline are unspoiled beaches and rocky coves in dramatic cliffs. The quaint towns like Lecce and Martina Franca and the hill top town of Ostuni make this an ideal place to see the sunset. Watch the sunset over the ancient Mediterranean roof tops and the shapely coastline in this romantic and uncrowded part of Italy.

2. Cuba, Caribbean

Cuba, Caribbean

Whether it’s in Havana along the Malecon seafront avenue; along the golden beaches or inland among the untouched countryside Cuba is a romantic place to watch the sunset. Watch the sunset over the 18th century roof tops of Havana’s Old Town or venture inland to the wild mountainous regions where a sunset is frames by mountain tops. In El Salton the romance is enhanced by the picturesque waterfalls, lakes, farms and tranquil cocoa plantations. Baracoa’s old world charm is also bathed in gold by a romantic sunset.

3. Miyajima Japan

Miyajima Japan
The Miyajima shrine (or Itsukushima Shrine) is one of the world’s best places to watch the sun set. Miyajima or Shrine Island is best known for its “floating Torii Gate” built over water it looks like a mirage in the mist and makes a romantic frame for couples watching the sun go down from the wooden deck. Not only that but the water reflects the sun and gate in the water.

4. Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul Turkey

The Istanbul skyline lends itself to romantic sunsets, the city is known for its countless minarets and copper domed buildings. Istanbul spans the Bosporus so at sun down you have a Byzantine skyline of exotic eastern buildings next to the shimmering sea. The best place to watch the sun go down in Istanbul is from a roof top terrace restaurant over a glass of champagne or cocktails.

5. Tanah Lot Temple, Bali

Tanah Lot Temple, Bali

Isolated out at sea a little off the coast is the Tanah Lot Temple in Bali. This place is a very popular place to watch the sunset and definitely worth getting flights to Bali for! The temple sits on a huge offshore rock which has been shaped continuously over the years by the ocean tide. The island is easily reached across the narrow stretch of shallow water. On the island a few trees seem to grow out of the rock and the organic appearance of the whole island makes the temple seem created by higher presence. When the sun sets behind the temple island the island tree tops catch the gold of the sun and the calm water reflects the dream like island temple roofs.

6. Amsterdam Canals

Amsterdam Canals

The endless canals of Amsterdam are made more romantic by the 400 bridges which arch over them in romantic curves. The water shimmering in the sun and the silhouette of bridges and perhaps a windmill in the distance make this a romantic place to see the sunset. It is best to see the sun go down in Amsterdam as you drift along the water in a canal barge.

7. Any of the Greek islands

Greek islands

Any of the Greeks islands are a beautiful places to watch the sunset. Try looking into flights to Santorini for the stark contrast of the white buildings and bright blue roofs. Head into in the countryside for rugged rural pastures with a lone shepherd herding his flock home for the night or take in the sunset on one of the Greek isles’ white sandy beaches or from a cliff top. Here it is the combination of colours that make watching the sunset from a Greek island so stunning – the whitewashed houses, white beaches, cobalt blue sea and dark green olive trees which all gain a romantic hue in the twilight.

8. Florida Keys

Florida Keys

In the coral archipelago just off Florida there is a sunset ritual where the locals and visitors come out to watch the sun go down over a few drinks and snacks. In fact people even arrive early on the Hilton Pier to get a good view of the sunset. A Florida Keys sunset can be a colorful affair with pinks, purples, blues and orange. There are also sunset cruises that take you out at twilight time to watch the sun go down over the islands. See a romantic sunset from Morada Bay, Mallory Dock or anywhere along the beach front.

9. From the terrace of Park Güell, Barcelona

Terrace of Park Güell, Barcelona

The garden complex on El Carmel hill designed by the artist Gaudi includes a sweeping serpent staircase in true Gaudi style. Here a romantic sunset from the terrace looks out over the colorful curving mosaic covered staircase in to the elegant gardens of the park and on to the strange shaped buildings of Gaudi with their steeples and curved roofs. In the distance is the skyline of Barcelona and behind that the sea and horizon. This is a modern location for a romantic sunset as the sun paints the roof tops and distant sea with a touch of gold.

10. Scottish Highlands Coast

Scottish Highlands Coast

Perhaps the crisp cold air adds to the clear unspoiled, rugged romantic coastline of the Scottish Highlands. Here it is just the natural surroundings, you and your loved one under the setting sun. The waves crash against the cliffs and the sun glistens off the sea spray. To add to the beautiful natural colors are the purple heather and green thistles of the Scottish coast.

Let’s face it it’s not where you see the sunset it’s who you see it with that makes it romantic!