Types Of Pants For Men

Pleated Pants

Pants with front pleats can be worn on all occasions, from job interviews to evening hang outs with friends. Pleated pants are popular among men of all ages for their sophisticated and classic looks.

Flat Front Pants

If you prefer a modern style, go for a nice pair of smart flat front pants. These pants looks best on men with slim. While shopping for flat front pants, look for the perfect fit, otherwise it can be a ruin.

Casual Pants

Like women, jeans and denims are the most popular casual pants among men. Men can choose from moderate price casual jeans to expensive branded denims according to their requirements.

Cargo Pants

For men who are into a lot of outdoor activities like hiking, and trekking, there could be nothing better than possessing a pair of cargo pants. These pants are baggy with additional patch pockets. Cargo pants are made from hardwearing fabrics with tough stitching allowing free movements.


Chinos or khakis are also very popular as casual wear among men. These pants are made from twill fabric and come in two varieties – straight dress chinos and boot cut chinos. The comfortable fit of chinos makes it a perfect wear for any occasion.